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Peach Creek

Located in the following county: Montgomery

Clear shallow water running over white sand and gravel in a beautiful East Texas setting is the best way to describe this quaint stream that runns through Lake Houston State Park. The water quality is good and Texas Parks and Wildlife allows wading in the creek. This area is gaining in popularity and now has a canoe race that starts in the park. The East Fork / West Fork Canoe Challenge moves down Peach Creek to Caney Creek, down to the East Fork of the San Jacinto River, then down to the West Fork of the San Jacinto River and ends at the Forest Cove Marina. An astounding distance of 16 miles!

Number of paddle segments described for this area: 1

Segment 1: Lake Houston State Park (see below for description)

Segment 1: Lake Houston State Park

KeyMap Locations: 257Q, 257U, 257Y

Take Baptist Encampment Rd. off of FM 1485 to reach the state park. The road past the office leads down to the old Peach Creek bridge and parking for up to 15 minutes to offload your canoe. To the right of the bridge is a trail leading to the sandy beach and easy creek access. The sandy creek bottom is lined with rainbow colored pea gravel that makes ripples in the quick flowing clear water.

The old Peach Creek Bridge is a great base for several different things to try. You might want to paddle upstream to the FM 1485 bridge and beyond and float lazily back downstream. Or perhaps you might want to paddle two miles downstream to Caney Creek and come back. More avid canoeists might want might to enjoy paddling all the way down to the East Fork of the San Jacinto River and paddling around it as well.

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Peach Creek - Segment 1