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BPA Watershed Update September 28, 2010
by Jim Robertson

Cypress Creek Greenway Project Workshop: H-GAC organized and coordinated a one-half day Cypress Creek Greenway Workshop held on 7/28/10. The workshop was held at the Lonestar College - University Park Campus at SH 249 and Cypress Creek. There were over 80 attendees with approximately half of them representing MUD districts along Cypress Creek. A combined program of speakers, panel discussion, and breakout groups resulted in a very successful workshop.

Stream Bank Restoration at the Kickerillo Mischer Preserve: A contractor has begun work on a stream bank restoration project along Cypress Creek adjacent to the Kickerillo Mischer Preserve. The project is being managed and funded by HCFCD. The April 2009 rain event was a 10 year event within the upper Cypress Creek watershed and the resulting high water levels caused slumping and erosion in several areas of the stream bank which had been stable for many years.

Bayou Greenway Initiative: Progress continues on this initiative which began under the direction of the GHP and the QOL Coalition, and is proceeding with the additional involvement of the Houston Parks Board. On 8/2/10 GHP/QOL Coalition personnel held a meeting with local Congressmen, Congressional staff, and Senatorial staff representatives to introduce them to the initiative.

Grand Parkway Project Comments: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received 138 comments regarding the impact on wetlands of the proposed 15 mile Segment E of the Grand Parkway between IH 10 and US 290. Comments were due 9/8/10. According to a spokesman for the Corps it has not been decided whether or not a public hearing will be held on this issue.

BPA Watershed Update July 27, 2010
by Jim Robertson

Cypress Creek Greenway Project Workshop: A Cypress Creek Greenway Project workshop will be held on Wednesday, 7/28/10 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM at the University Park campus of Lone Star College at Cypress Creek and SH 249. Commissioner Jerry Eversole is opening the workshop which will include discussions about park and trails currently being planned along the corridor, ways that utility districts can fund and build trails, and how partnering with neighboring districts can successfully contribute the Greenway project. H-GAC is organizing the workshop. The workshop is limited to 80 participants and is fully subscribed.

Skim Jam Event on Cypress Creek: On 4/17/10 a Skim Jam event on Cypress Creek at the confluence with Little Cypress Creek drew about 600 participants and spectators. At the event the organizers raised about $6,000 in contributions for The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization. The Cypress Creek Greenway Project has been working with the organizers and local entities to resolve some issues that arose as a result of having the event held there.

Trash Bash: Trash Bash is scheduled for 3/26/11 and organizational meetings for the site coordinators begin 8/11/10. We hope that Cypress Creek will be able to participate in 2011.

Bayou Greenway Initiative: The Cypress Creek Greenway Project has continued to participate in meetings with the Quality of Life Coalition/Greater Houston Partnership related to the Bayou Greenway Initiative.

BPA Watershed Update March 23, 2010
by Jim Robertson

Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition Annual Meeting: The CCFCC Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 3/24/10 at 7:00 PM at the Ponderosa Forest Fire Station, 17061 Rolling Creek Drive, Houston, 77090. Doors will open at 6:30 PM. Mr. Mike Talbott, P.E., Director, Harris County Flood Control District will be the featured guest speaker. He will provide an overview of the history and jurisdiction of the District, how it executes its mission, and how it is funded. The presentation will cover District activities throughout the county along with efforts in the Cypress Creek area.

Bayou Greenway Parks and Trail Initiative: The Cypress Creek Greenway Project is a participant in the Bayou Greenway Parks and Tails Initiative being coordinated by the Quality of Life Coalition and the Greater Houston Partnership's Quality of Life Committee. The initiative is focused on connecting all 9 major bayou arteries with linear parks and connective trails. Development of parks and trails along these waterways, and connecting them together, will provide benefits in many areas including health and wellness, economic development and quality of life, flood control, water quality, preservation of natural habitat and property values.

Visit to Cypress Creek Corridor at Bridgeland: BPA representatives Kathy Lord, Kevin Shanley, Eric Ruckstuhl, and I recently toured a portion of the Cypress Creek corridor at Bridgeland with Bridgeland personnel. The Cypress Creek corridor lies along the northern edge of the approximately 11,000 acre Bridgeland development. They have set aside about 1,000 acres along Cypress Creek for preservation and recreational use. The 50 acre Oak Meadow Park is the eastern terminus of the corridor and anchors the Cypress Creek Trail which will eventually extend along Cypress Creek for 6 miles to the west. The first 1.5 mile section of trail is completed and open to Bridgeland residents.

Cypress Creek Greenway Planning Meeting: H-GAC has agreed to coordinate and organize a planning meeting and workshop to pull together the numerous entities which are currently doing development, or could potentially do development, of parks and trails along Cypress Creek. The target date for the meeting is late July.

Trash Bash, 3/27/10: Planning and coordination are proceeding for the Trash Bash event along Cypress Creek at Collins Park. Volunteers are needed to staff the event.

BPA Watershed Update January 26, 2010
by Jim Robertson

Preservation of Upper Watershed: The Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition (CCFCC) has had discussions with groups and individuals regarding strategies that can lead to preservation of additional acreage in the upper portion of the Cypress Creek watershed. Preservation of large acreage tracts in this area would be beficial to flood mitigation, improvement of water quality, preservation of areas for wildlife habitat, and recreation.

Trash Bash, 3/27/10: Planning and coordination are proceeding for the Trash Bash event along Cypress Creek at Collins Park. Volunteers are needed to staff the event.

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