Bayou Preservation Association has designated a number of committees focused on specific issues relating to streams and bayous in the greater Houston area or to particular Bayou Preservation Association activities.

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Specific-focus committees include:

Education Committee

Lawrence Spence

The purpose of the Education Committee is to develop an implementable community focused education-based plan that expands the understanding of the Bayou Preservation Association's ideals and its mission.

Financial Affairs Committee

Susan Hill, Treasurer

The purpose of the Financial Affairs Committee is to prepare a draft budget for Board adoption, and monitor and report the financial health of the organization.

Gala Committee

Elaine Finger, Chair

The purpose of the Gala Committee is to identify an annual gala location, theme, hosts and sponsors to facilitate raising  a major portion of the annual Bayou Preservation Association budget.

Paddle Trails Committee

Rico Torres, Chair

The purpose of the Paddle Trails Committee is to support the mission of the Bayou Preservation Association by creating and maintaining paddle trails and activities to educate the public to help preserve and conserve our natural watersheds and public paddling access.

Projects Committee

The Projects Committee develops and organizes volunteer and inmate projects within the watersheds that carry out the mission and vision of Bayou Preservation.

Public Policy Committee

Ty Kelly, Chair

The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to formulate and articulate the stance of Bayou Preservation on specific issues within the mission and vision of Bayou Preservation Association.  This includes preparing letters and releases of support, opposition and comment for the activities of other organizations, governmental agencies and legislative processes.

Symposium Committee

Rebecca Olive, Chair

The purpose of the Symposium Committee is to organize, implement and facilitate an annual day-long symposium to advocate and educate the public on topics consistent with the Bayou Preservation Association mission and vision.

Water Quality Committee

Jack Sakolosky, Chair

The purpose of the Water Quality Committee is to advocate for improved water quality in area watersheds, and develop policy recommendations for public agencies and private development that will result in improved water quality in local bayous and creeks.  This includes facilitating local demonstration of techniques that improve water quality.  Additionally, the committee facilitates transfer of water quality information and expertise to benefit target watersheds.

Website/Social Media Committee

Christopher Browne, Chair

The Website Committee is charged with managing the revamping of the content and appearance of the Association’s website and will monitor and update website content on an ongoing basis.