Awty International on Buffalo Bayou

Teachers and 11th grade students from Awti International School help clean Buffalo Bayou.


Watershed Explorers Education Meeting

Bayou Preservation Association sponsored this meeting and luncheon for science teachers who are learning about conservation, watersheds and ideas to share in their classrooms.

Raising Awareness, Responding to the Challenge

Interpretive signage demonstration of Buffalo Bayou at Terry Hershey Park–part of a wider initiative to raise public awareness of our bayous as Houston’s greatest natural treasures

The key to protecting our bayous and related waterways depends directly on our community understanding the challenges and threats faced today. The Bayou Preservation Association offers a range of outreach and educational programming to introduce the public to the importance of the bayous and our local watersheds. These education components and opportunities include citizen science projects, seminars, professional meetings and other educational events as well as participating in festivals. By doing so, we help raise awareness of the importance of our waterways and how - from our backyard to Galveston Bay and beyond - we are all interconnected.