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H-GAC Presents Award to Bayou Preservation Association

Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) Parks and Natural Areas Subcommittee gave a Special Recognition Award to Bayou Preservation Association for habitat restoration efforts in Harris County Precinct 4’s Collins Park. Full article here.

The Terry Hershey Bayou Stewardship Award

Bayou Preservation Association established the prestigious Terry Hershey Bayou Stewardship Award in 2010 in honor of its founder, Terry Hershey. She, along with then-Congressman George H.W. Bush and developer George Mitchell halted a plan by the Army Corps of Engineers to channelize and concrete Buffalo Bayou in the 1960's. Thanks to these forward-thinking individuals, much of Buffalo Bayou has remained in an a mostly natural state, providing plant and animal habitats, green spaces, and recreational opportunities for countless local residents and visitors. This award recognizes those who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to aiding in the conservation, preservation, restoration or advocacy of Houston’s waterways.

2018 Award recipient: 
Mary Anne Piacentini 

2017 Recipients: Honorable R. Jack Cagle, Deborah January-Bevers and Dick Benoit
2016 Recipients: Ed Wulfe and John Blount
2015 Recipient: Mark Kramer
2014 Recipient: Jim Robertson
2013 Recipients: George H.W. Bush and George Mitchell
2012 Recipient: Hugh Barrett
2011 Recipient: Art Storey