Sponsorships and Tickets Available for our 2017 Gala: Merriment on the Bayou

King Richard (Andrassy) and Maid Mary (Shinn) art please’d to host the Bayou Preservation Association’s 2017 Gala - Merriment on the Bayou at their home in ye ole Sherwood Forest. The festivities shall taketh place on Thursday eve, the tenth month October 12, in the year 2017, at 603 West Friar Tuck Lane. Please joineth our band of merry people and attend!
Bayous are our region’s defining natural resource and a living source of recreation, beauty and tranquility. They bring the natural world to our backyards. The Bayou Preservation Association works to safeguard the richness and diversity of the region’s bayou systems. The Association engages volunteers, advocates, and supporters like you to ensure these precious natural waterways are preserved for generations to come.


Funds raised during Merriment on the Bayou will go directly toward supporting the Bayou Preservation Association and its ongoing programs, including stream corridor protection, citizen science water quality, trash free bayous, and bayou appreciation. These endeavors help ensure that our bayous are healthy and accessible for all to enjoy.

We look forward to celebrating our local waterways with thee as we enjoyeth most wondrous food, drinks, minstrels, and much more!



10/12/2017 5:00:00 PM