Bayou Repair - Memorial Park Demonstration Project

In April of this year, the Army Corps of Engineers approved a permit for the Memorial Park Demonstration Project, which is a stream restoration initiative created to address the severe erosion of a section of Buffalo Bayou that flows adjacent to Memorial Park and the River Oaks Country Club. In total, the restoration project will span from just south of Memorial Park’s Picnic Loop to approximately 1.1 miles downstream.

On Monday, May 16, 2017, the Houston Chronicle published an editorial in support of the project and its efforts to curb the degredation of Buffalo Bayou's banks through Memorial Park. Please read the editorial by following this link.

The Houston Chronicle in its online edition, Friday, May 19, and in the paper edition on Sunday, May 21, published a letter-to-the-editor from Bayou Preservation Association Executive Committee member Michael Bloom, in which he provides some of the background on how the Bayou Preservation Association became involved with the Memorial Park Demonstration Project. Please read the letter by following this link.

And also please follow this link for detailed and important information about the Memorial Park Demonstration Project.