Paddle Trips

Armand Bayou:Segment 1:  Big Island Sough at Red Bluff Rd. to Bay Area Park

KeyMap Locations: 579S, 579W, 619A
Length: 2 miles

Off of Choate Rd. turn onto the small gravel road that leads directly north to the bridge. This site is often used by fishermen and boaters and a floating dock is planned for the future. The first part of the trip the waterway is smaller and dominated by a hardwood overstory. The evergreen trees, Loblolly Pines and Eastern Red Cedar become abundant as you travel downstream. The channel quickly becomes larger as you near Armand's Bayou. Once you hit Armand's Bayou, stay to your left to continue downstream. You will see the Bay Area Blvd. Bridge come into view after a large bend in the bayou. Pass under the bridge and take out at the canoe launch in Bay Area Park.

Armand Bayou:Segment 2:  Bay Area Park to Clear Lake Park Extension

Segment 2: Bay Area Park to Clear Lake Park Extension

Key Map pages 619 A, F, K. 
Approx. Length: 3 miles

Directions: Park at Bay Area Park off of Bay Area Blvd. and your shuttle at Clear Lake Park Extension at Nasa Rd. 1. Put in at the Houston Canoe Club launch in Bay Area Park. The bayou is very scenic here with a wild and primitive feel to it. Nothing manmade in view except for a beautiful boardwalk in the park. The bayou itself gets huge as it winds the 2.5 miles to Pasadena Lake. After entering Pasadena Lake it will feel like the ocean is getting closer. You can smell the salt air and feel small swells lapping at your boat. In the distance are the South Shore Harbor Lighthouse and the Clear Lake Hilton. Floating docks on the east bank of the lake are your take out in Clear Lake Park Extension just before Nasa Rd. 1.