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Paddle Trips

Located in the following county (ies): Harris, Chambers

This bayou does in fact have Cedar, and they can be viewed along the one trip available to paddle. For such a huge bayou it has only one park along its shores. Roseland Park is at the extreme lower section of the bayou. A park on Cary Bayou, J.C. Holloway Park must be used to connect with Roseland Park. Not to worry!! This is a long and interesting trip with lots of things to see. The bayou has a distinct "Old South" feeling to it in some places with lots of pecan trees and is very wide. Also this is another great way to see the bayou to bay spectacle as the trip starts in fresh water and ends in brackish water.

Number of paddle segments described for this area: 1

Segment 1: Hollaway Park to Roseland Park (see below for description)

Segment 1: J.C. Hollaway Park to Roseland Park

KeyMap Locations: 502F, 502K, 502L, 502Q, 502P, 502T, 502X, 502W, 542A
Length: 7 miles

You should plan to take a full day on this trip because of the length and to get a great look at the wetland areas and tributaries along the way. Because of a lack of public land on Cedar Bayou we have used a great park on Cary Bayou, J.C. Holloway Park off of Raccoon for our beginning. Roseland Park is on Cedar Bayou off of Roseland. Both parks are City of Baytown Parks.

Park either at the main parking lot in J.C. Hollaway Park or in one of the two spaces adjacent to the small lift station closer to the water. A slightly worn foot path to the water should be visible. For your shuttle, park in either the boat launch parking lot or the middle parking lot at Roseland Park. The ingress / egress site for Roseland Park is west of the boat ramp along the canal. The area is mostly concrete rip wrap and unusable, but one spot is slightly more beach like and is perfect.

After launching from J.C. Holloway Park, continue under the bridge and down Cary Bayou. A checkerboard of conditions from earthen ditch to rip-wrap, to slightly wooded exists along this developed section of bayou. Soon you will come to Cedar Bayou on your left, just keep going straight and go under the Hwy 146 bridge. The bayou is wide and mostly wooded as you continue south. If time permits, travel up the mouths of some of the tributaries you'll encounter. Pond Gully and others have nice wetland areas around them to view. Although industry abounds along the bayou, it never quite ruins the view. Motorboat traffic should not be a problem but, as you near Roseland Park watch out for jet skis that can create dangerous wakes. When you do reach Roseland Park, paddle up the canal past the