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Pots For Plots (Spring)

Did you know, over half a billion plastic plant pots ended up in landfills in 2022?

Bayou Preservation is partnering with local plant nurseries in an effort to help keep our bayous clean. Pots for Plots aims to remove single-use plastics from the landfill and from ending up in our waterways. Single use plant pots will have a new life with conservation organizations growing natives to help restoration.

Where single-use plastic pots end up remains largely under-reported. Those of us in the green industry go through hundreds if not thousands of them each season. We rely on people in the nursery or recycling industries to process them appropriately. Others stockpile them in yards or storage containers waiting for the opportunity to recycle them. Whether it is on a large or small scale, plastic pots have become an industry-wide problem, with up to 98 percent of them ending up in landfills.

Bayou Preservation Association under the Reclaimed BaYOU program is bringing you our first seasonal project.

Pots for Plots is a collaborative effort with local plant nurseries, conservation organizations, and the community to promote abatement of litter and decrease plastic waste in our waterways. 

The primary objective of Pots for Plots is to reduce the number of single-use plastics pots that are sent to landfills and ultimately, end up in our waterways. The program intends to extend the life of single-use plant pots by partnering with conservation organizations and community farmers to grow native plants to aid in restoration efforts. 

Impact Snapshot


4-inch starter pots collected


1-Gallon Pots collected


3-5 Gallon Pots collected

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