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Trash- Free Bayous

Trash is an aesthetic and an economic issue, but it is also a water quality, wildlife, and health issue.  Trash harms physical habitats, transports chemical pollutants, threatens aquatic life, and interferes with human enjoyment and uses of our bayous. The Trash-Free Bayous Program works to reduce trash in Houston waterways, through bayou clean-ups, and through the development and implementation of prevention strategies and projects to prevent nonpoint source pollution in our bayous.

Did you know, over half a billion plastic plant pots ended up in landfills in 2022?

Bayou Preservation is partnering with local plant nurseries in an effort to help keep our bayous clean. Pots for Plots aims to remove single-use plastics from the landfill and from ending up in our waterways. Single use plant pots will have a new life with conservation organizations growing natives to help restoration.

Putting Garbage Bag

Your volunteer effort to remove litter, aquatic trash, and debris are critical to our communities. When we connect people to places, we help them take ownership of their communities.

Find out how you and your organizations can adopt sections along Houston's waterways for litter clean up and beautification.

Through partnership with Trash Free Texas, Bayou Preservation builds understanding of the relationship between littering on the land and trash in our bayous. Providing education, training, and resources to site sponsors. 

Want to become a site sponsor? Learn how


The purpose of the TFB Committee is to help guide implementation of the Trash-Free Bayous Program, including its key elements and activities:  volunteer bayou clean-ups (including Trash Bash), nonpoint source pollution prevention plan, pilot projects, social networking, plus education and outreach support, including site tours, workshops, data. 

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen
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