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Group Kayaking Trip

Bayou Appreciation 

Getting people outdoors to experience our bayous and streams first-hand is one of the keys to building appreciation of the natural richness, benefits, and functions of these resources.  First-hand experience can also contribute to creating a culture that will celebrate, protect, and restore these streams for today’s citizens, and for future generations!  Bayou Preservation Association’s Bayou Appreciation Program aims to accomplish just that, through outdoor activities that are both fun and informative.

Compass & Map

Certified Interpretive Guide Training

Led by a diverse crew of certified interpretive guides, in partnership with other local organizations, these guided trips increase the effectiveness of enjoyable experiential learning on the bayous, with the flavor of local communities.

Advocating for Accessible Trails 

Support increased access to the bayous, through assistance in the development of safe and appropriate Texas Paddling Trails sponsored by local governing entities, which will introduce both experienced paddlers and other outdoor enthusiasts to safe and accessible opportunities for canoeing and kayaking on suitable bayous.


The Bayou Appreciation committee recognizes that the people who live in these watersheds are as dynamic and essential as their waterways. They represent many different communities – different cultures, races, religions, colors, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and priorities. The purpose of the Committee is to help introduce all Houstonians to nature in their backyards. Committee activities include creating and supporting engaging outdoor educational activities for all populations. This can include identifying new locations for Interpretive Signage, guided walking adventures, and outreach support.

Walk in Nature
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