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Group Kayaking Trip

Bayou Appreciation 

The Bayou Appreciation program recognizes that the people who live in these watersheds are as dynamic and essential as their waterways. They represent many different communities – different cultures, races, religions, colors, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and priorities. The purpose of the Bayou Appreciation program is to help introduce all Houstonians to nature in their backyards. Program activities include creating and supporting engaging outdoor educational activities for all populations. 

Improving Waterways 

Through Action and Education 

Thanks to a generous grant from Port Houston, the Bayou Appreciation Program is embarking on a multifaceted project within Jim and Joann Fonteno Park.

This endeavor aims for collective and equitable impact - actively involving the community. We approach this work by;

  • Organizing volunteer litter cleanups to mitigate the influx of trash into our waterways,

  • Installing interpretive signage throughout the park that encapsulates the essence of the community while providing valuable environmental insights,

  • Conducting guided educational walks to inform park users about the local ecology.

Click the link to learn more about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities for this project. 


Into the Wild: Discovering Nature Along the Bayous


Embark on a journey Into the Wild: Discovering Nature Along the Bayous, a walking series organized by Bayou Preservation.


Our “Into the Wild” series is led by a group of diverse certified guides, who are passionate fellows dedicated to conversation and stewardship. These guided walks welcome the diverse community of Houston from the BIPOC communities, LGBTQ+ community, people with health accessibility limitation, women, and veterans made accessible to ignite the common thread of their identity to nature. Our certified interpretive guides, alongside co-leads from community organizations, aim to create a space for sharing valuable community insights and using our bayous to foster a holistic approach to health and wellness. Designed to resonate with all participants, our series explores a variety of themes, weaving together elements of culture, native plants, and environmental advocacy to inspire the next generation of bayou stewards. 


Join us as we venture Into The Wild and be introduced to the native beauty of Houston's bayous. 


A Wayfinding Experience 

Wayfinding signage is an initiative that falls under our Bayou Appreciation program. It brings people outdoors to discover our bayous and streams first-hand by providing interpretive language and artwork to connect visitors with their surroundings.


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