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Group Kayaking Trip

Bayou Appreciation 

The Bayou Appreciation program recognizes that the people who live in these watersheds are as dynamic and essential as their waterways. They represent many different communities – different cultures, races, religions, colors, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and priorities. The purpose of the Bayou Appreciation program is to help introduce all Houstonians to nature in their backyards. Program activities include creating and supporting engaging outdoor educational activities for all populations. 

Compass & Map

Certified Interpretive Guide Training

Led by a diverse crew of certified interpretive guides, in partnership with other local organizations, these guided trips increase the effectiveness of enjoyable experiential learning on the bayous, with the flavor of local communities.


A Wayfinding Experience 

Wayfinding signage is an initiative that falls under our Bayou Appreciation program. It brings people outdoors to discover our bayous and streams first-hand by providing interpretive language and artwork to connect visitors with their surroundings.

Bayou Preservation applies a hybrid approach to the installation of interpretive signage collaborating with local organizations to install culturally and geographically specific signage. Our stakeholder process, through open dialogue, creates the foundational language for each sign. Our staff biologist and graphic designer work to finalize signage that captures the community's essence while creating environmental interpretation about topics such as native and invasive species, benefits of functional bayou habitats to people and the environment; and ways they can help become stewards of their local parks.

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