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Bayou Preservation Association's Board of Directors

The Bayou Preservation Association is currently seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to join our Board of Directors. We invite you to consider this opportunity to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the bayou ecosystems and to share this call for nominations within your network

Calling all eco-conscious restauranteurs and passionate volunteers! 


Bayou Preservation Association is thrilled to launch Cut the Cutlery, a groundbreaking initiative empowering restaurants and volunteers to reduce their plastic footprint and embrace reusable alternatives. Together, we can create a more sustainable dining experience for Houston while protecting our precious environment. 

  • Become a Cut the Cutlery Ambassador: Receive training and materials to confidently approach restaurants and help them implement the program. 

  • Make a tangible difference: Empower restaurants to embrace sustainability and reduce their plastic footprint. 

  • Contribute to a cleaner, healthier Houston: Protect our waterways and environment alongside passionate volunteers and restaurants. 

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