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Clean Bayous

Litter is an aesthetic and an economic issue, but it is also a water quality, wildlife, and health issue.  Litter harms physical habitats, transports chemical pollutants, threatens aquatic life, and interferes with human enjoyment and uses of our bayous. The Clean Bayous Program works to reduce litter in Houston waterways, through bayou clean-ups, and through the development and implementation of prevention strategies and projects to prevent nonpoint source pollution in our bayous.

Our regionally recognized Reclaimed BaYOU program is dedicated to improving materials and waste management at the grassroots and community level by implementing programs that focus on the removal of materials from the waste stream through local reuse.

Learn more about the materials Reclaimed Bayou!


Join Bayou Preservation and help Reclaim the Drain! By participating in the City of Houston's Adopt-a-Drain program and using the BPA Reclaim the Drain kit, you can help prevent flooding and keep our neighborhoods, bayous, and waterways clean. Commit to keeping your drain and the surrounding area free of leaves and trash, by adopting a drain.  

If you want more information about Bayou Preservation Association's Reclaim the Drain program, watch our instructional video.  To receive a kit, please get in touch with us at

Together, we can keep our bayous beautiful and flood-free in Houston! Thank you.

Through partnership with Trash Free Texas, Bayou Preservation builds understanding of the relationship between littering on the land and trash in our bayous. Providing education, training, and resources to site sponsors. 

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