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What We Do 

Our Focus

Bayou Preservation focuses on four key programs to accomplish its mission to “celebrate, protect, and restore the natural richness of all our bayous and streams.” Cross-cutting projects and initiatives – those that address the goals of more than one program – also continue, such as the annual Symposium, public policy review and response, and communications tools.

Commitment  Flows to all Our Watersheds

At Bayou Preservation, we are dedicated to developing collaborative projects and enhancing public awareness about the region's streams and bayous in order to advance watershed management, conservation, and recreation along these invaluable natural resources. We are unique in that we support all of the area bayous and waterways while also collaborating with groups that concentrate on a specific bayou and its watershed. Since 1966, we’ve worked with hundreds of thousands neighbors to celebrate, protect and restore our natural environment.

Preserving Our Bayous

With more than 2,500 miles of waterways, Houston truly is “The Bayou City”. These hidden gems are a visual focal point of many parts of our city, a place for relaxation and an attractive escape from the stresses of urban life. By protecting and preserving our bayous, we can create ribbons of green that provide recreational opportunities for neighborhoods while providing the natural protection from flooding our city needs.

Promoting Water Quality 

Throughout our state, waterways are being added to the list of impaired waters each year.  This has led to a water quality restoration process that seeks to understand how much bacteria enters our bayous, the sources and types of bacteria, and their effects on humans and wildlife, and how those sources can be reduced. In a fast growing urban area like Houston, it is critical to understand our watersheds and the factors that affect water quality. We are committed to working with partners, policy makers, and local governments to solve water quality issues.

Our Vision in Action

The beauty of our vision for the Houston-Gulf Coast region’s bayous and waterways is in its simplicity. Based on goals and objectives, we envision transforming the region we love into one that is nationally recognized for its quality of life.

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